Lompoc is tucked away in the Santa Rita Hills of California’s Central Coast. Lompoc is a friendly, relaxing destination admired for its breathtaking beauty, abundant outdoor murals, fully restored historic mission, fields of flowers, rocket launches and unique wines. With its mild Mediterranean climate, Lompoc is suitable for year-round adventures such as biking, surfing, hiking, golf, and even sky diving. It is about 270 miles south of San Francisco, and 150 miles northwest of Los Angeles. Lompoc is an incorporated city in the County of Santa Barbara and located about 50 miles northwest of the City of Santa Barbara. The Lompoc Valley contains not only the City of Lompoc but also the communities of Vandenberg Village, Mission Hills, and Mesa Oaks. California’s Pacific Coast Highway (Hwy 1) crosses though the city and forms two of its major street, Ocean Ave and H Street.

Lompoc is a Chumash word meaning little lake or lagoon – (Pronounced LOM-POKE, not Lom-pock).

Early Lompoc was essentially an agricultural community, but the community’s economic and labor base has grown and diversified. The growth and diversification of Lompoc was due in part to the establishment and growth of Camp Cooke Army Base, now Vandenberg Air Force Base. The population of the Lompoc Valley soared from 6,665 in 1957 to over 43,509 in 2013 and continues to grow. Vandenberg Air Force Base is now one of the major employment centers in the area and is located just a few miles west of the City. The Air force base is home to several major employers, such a Boeing, Lockheed Martin, NASA, and other aerospace companies. Other large employers include: Raytheon and World Minerals (Celite).

According to a 2014 report more than 3,500 (approx 23%) residents of Lompoc commute to work in the Santa Barbara / Goleta area. With Santa Barbara’s median home price of over $1.2 million Lompoc is one of the area’s last affordable markets with the median household income just short of $80,000 for those commuters.

Lompoc’s mild Mediterranean climate is greatly influenced by the Pacific Ocean which is approximately 5 miles from the City. The coastal climate is mild. January low temperatures average about 39 degrees, with highs averaging around 65 degrees. Summer lows are in the low 50’s and highs in the mid 70’s. Annual rain fall averages about 14 inches per year mostly falling in the winter months.

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