Executive Summary

Coastal Meadows is an approximately 3 acre project located within the city limits of Lompoc, County of Santa Barbara, State of California. The project contains a total of 40 residential units composed of 10 Triplex buildings and 5 Duplex buildings. Ten Percent of the units (4) are price restricted by the City of Lompoc as “Affordable” housing. The project also includes a central homeowners recreation center and even though located within a developed area of the city it is surrounded on three sides by open space. The project is ideally located at 1275 North V Street, approximately one block south of Central Avenue, one of the City’s main collector streets.

The adjacent uses are single family homes to the south and east, open space wetlands to the west, behind which is a new residential development called “Briar Creek” that is under construction by Centex, and an attractive manufactured home community to the north. The project site is zoned Medium Density Residential. The site’s topography is essentially flat.

As with most of Lompoc there will be some fill required to bring the land out of FEMA jurisdiction. A CLOMR-F letter has already been received from the FEMA based on the approved grading plans which requires between 2-3 feet of fill along some of western portions of the land. The project was approved by the City of Lompoc’s City Council on July 18, 2006. No appeals were filed.


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